What Does It Take to Be a Club Officer?

Every club is a bit different in structure, officers and duties, but some things remain the same–mostly that it really takes some dedicated, hard-working people to keep a club healthy and happy.  Here’s our view of what is required.

First of all, commitment—a willingness to serve. Secondly, time—one must take personal time out of a busy schedule to complete officer duties and attend as many meetings and events as possible. And each job has its own unique responsibilities:

  • President: The ability to herd the equivalent of wet cats is helpful, as club members can resemble those cats at times. Management skills in coordinating people and tasks so that things actually get done. Diplomacy skills so that each member feels valued and welcomed, and to smooth out any interpersonal challenges. Willingness to jump in and do all the little (and big) jobs that need completion. Ability to compromise, delegate and support club projects even though s/he isn’t all that sure about some of them.


  • VP of Trails: Willingness to ride almost every weekend, regardless of other activities, how one feels, or how far one has to drive. Is ALWAYS reliable. Finds and develops alternate trail bosses. Helps everybody and waits until everybody has horses loaded and trucks actually started before driving away. Delicacy of touch when instructing others on trail etiquette, or when somebody fusses when s/he was late and the group left without her/him—in spite of all warnings that the rides start on time.


  • Treasurer: Handles (shudder) the club’s money. Makes the monthly report to the club membership of all income and expenditures, pays the bills, balances the checkbook, and files the annual corporation paperwork and fees.


  • Secretary: Takes the minutes (or finds an alternate to do so) at each meeting. Reads the minutes out to the membership and makes any corrections. Compiles and publishes the monthly newsletter. Maintains the membership roster and email listing. Posts regularly to the club’s Facebook and web page. Uploads documents (minutes, membership lists, etc.) to the club’s cloud storage for officers’ use. Emails all news/updates to members.

Appreciate your officers!  They probably do far more than you realize. And remember to vote for your officers at the August meeting!

President Mike Charron
KODAK Digital Still Camera
VP of Trails Barbara Lassiter
Susan Buchanan
Treasurer Susan Buchanon
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Secretary Janet Schneider

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