Upcoming Events

We have many breeds of horses in the club, and all rides are led as a group at a walk.  This frequently means that the faster horses must slow down a bit, and the slower horses goosed to speed up a bit. Those wishing to ride at a faster pace are asked to talk to the trail boss, who can tell them when to move off without causing a tizzy in the main group.

The time stated is for the actual start of the ride rather than members’ arrival time.  We feel this is more respectful of people’s time, and everybody knows exactly when they have to be in the saddle. We ask that people let the trail boss know when they plan to come; if we have to change or cancel the ride, we’ll know who needs to be notified.

Saturday, January 22, 9:00am: Obstacle day with Audra Tyson, Ft. McCoy Florida

Saturday, January 22, 9:00am: Club ride at Marshall Hampton

Saturday, January 29, 9:00am: Club ride at Gator Creek

Saturday, February 5, 9:00am: Club ride at the Hampton Tract, Rock Ridge Road

Saturday, February 12, 9:00am: Club ride at Lower Green Swamp

Saturday, February 19, 9:00am: Club ride, potluck and business meeting at Colt Creek equestrian campground

Saturday, February 26, 9:00am: Club ride at Allen David Broussard Catfish Creek

Take time after each ride to relax—bring your lunch or snacks, and share some quality time with club members.

Keep up with the club rides and “join” via our Facebook Page (Events section).