Upcoming Events

Saturday, July 25, 8:30am: Club ride at Marshall Hampton Reserve. Mike & Barbara Charron, trail bosses.

Saturday, July 25: Play with calves at JM Farm.  $40 per person. Reservations through Del Jones needed

Saturday, August 1, 8:30am: Club ride at Tenoroc. Del Jones, trail boss

Saturday, August 8, 8:30am: Club ride at Hampton Tract, Rock Ridge Road. Del Jones, trail boss

Saturday, August 15, 8:30am: Club ride at Colt Creek. Del Jones, Trail boss

Saturday, August 22, 8:30am: Club ride at Lower Greek Swamp. Del Jones, Trail boss

Monday, August 17: Telephone meeting (time at 7pm) OR usual club dinner at 6pm with monthly meeting, Golden Corral, 4532 S Florida Ave., Lakeland. Stay tuned for more details.

Monday-Sunday, November 23-29: Club campout at Green Swamp West


 Please RSVP designated trail boss for club rides! If nobody responds by the Thursday night before the ride, it will be cancelled.

Rides begin at the time stated. We ask that everybody be mounted and ready to ride then. We have many breeds of horses in the club, and all rides are led as a group at a walk. This frequently means that the faster horses must slow down a bit, and the slower horses goosed to speed up a bit. Those wishing to ride at a faster pace are asked to talk to the trail boss, who can tell them when to move off without causing a tizzy in the main group.

Visitors wishing to check out the club are welcome to join a few rides to see if our style suits your needs. We welcome new members! All visitors and guests are required to sign a hold harmless, available from the trail boss, before participating.

Take time after each ride to relax—bring your lunch or snacks, and share some quality time with club members.

Keep up with the club rides and “join” via our Facebook Page (Events section).

Remember you can always email club members to get a pick-up ride. “Follow” us on Facebook for updates.