Useful documents

Emergency Preparedness:

If a hurricane approaches, use these suggestions to prepare and safely weather the storm. Hurricane Tips for Horse Owners

Learn before-hand what to do in case of natural disaster: Animals in disaster–FEMA module

We never want to leave halters on horses, but when natural disasters (like hurricanes) are rolling in, here’s how you can make a web halter into a breakaway and leave it safely on your animal. how-to-make-a-regular-halter-into-a-breakaway-10-1-16

For those of you who live alone: fill out and carry these Animal Emergency Alert Cards in your wallet, glove compartment, etc. If you are in an accident, it will tell emergency responders that you have animals at home and who they can call to ensure the animals are cared for. animal-emergency-contact-cards

Fill out this 2-page horse ID chart from HorseWyse. If your horse is lost or stolen, you’ll have the pictures and information needed immediately at hand to use for police or search operations. horse-id-chart

Another handy form for you to leave in your trailer and carry with you on the trail. It will give emergency responders contacts for both you and your horse if you are lost or injured. to-emergency-responders-equine-form


It’s hard to think of being attacked on the trail, but it has happened.  Consider taking a mounted self-defense class from Mark at Suncoast Equine, Emerald Oaks Ranch in Webster.  Here are some of the tips you can learn:  Mounted Self Defense 4-18

Trails & Travel

Want a laminated Coggins card to carry rather than the paper copy?  Use this form to order from the Florida officenegative-eia-test-verification-card

From “,” an equestrian trail guide. florida-equestrian-trails-guide

We ride in many remote areas. There may come a time when you need to contact administrators of those areas for assistance or to alert them to a problem.  Program these numbers into your cell.  telephone-numbers-for-central-florida-equestrian-areas

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) allows equestrians into most of its lands.  Here’s a 2016 book listing SWFWMD areas and their amenities.  swfwmd-2016-recreation-guide


Want to build trust with your horse, and desensitize him to things he may encounter when riding?  Build your own obstacle course for little to no money! build-your-own-obstacle-course