National Farriers’ Week 2018

National Farriers’ Week honors the men and women who care for and maintain the hooves of horses. This highly specialized trade requires skill in hoof care, blacksmithing, as well as care of injured and diseased hooves. While caring for these amazing animals, it is not unusual to receive calls at odd hours, to be stepped on, bitten or otherwise nudged, nibbled or nuzzled.

If you have a favorite farrier, be sure to send a thank you during National Farriers Week. Farriers work hard year-round to provide quality hoof care for horses worldwide. Although we hope appreciation is shown all year long, each year we set aside a week dedicated to honoring their work. The 19th annual National Farriers Week, sponsored by American Farriers Journal, will take place July 8th-14th, 2018.

National Farriers Week is a time for horse owners, riders, trainers, grooms, veterinarians and others in the equine community to say “thanks” for all of the terrific work farriers do. It’s also a time for farriers to recognize their mentors and other farriers who have been helpful in their careers.–from 


National Farrier Week

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