“A Day Without Disabilities”

The Florida Sport Horse Club members were privileged to give pony rides at the Bunch Ranch in Lakeland today for the 3rd annual “Day Without Disabilities.” The delight on the riders’ faces was all the payment we needed.  THANKS go to Kathy Grinstead and Dennis Dudley, Ellie Crowder, Melody Cazort, Marsha Smith, and Janet DelCastillo for bringing horses; we couldn’t have done it without our walkers and helpers: club president Mike Charron, Kathy’s 4-H club kids, Judy and Charlie Cloninger, Barbara Lassiter, Marsha’s cousin Karen, Richard Jones, and Janet Schneider. More pictures will be posted on our Facebook page.

Charlie Cloninger, Mike Charron and one of Kathy’s 4-H kids
Dennis Dudley helps a young lady pet “her” horse

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