Watch for Small Signs!

Many of our riding areas are shared by other users, including hunters. This means we have to be VERY careful when planning our rides to places that allow hunts.  Always try to check the web sites for the hunt dates, and confirm on the signs at the welcome kiosks.  Some of us discovered one minor glitch to this arrangement when we rode from the Alston Tract (off Hwy 39 in Plant City) into the Upper Hillsborough a couple of weeks ago;  the hunt signs were not posted either at the Alston Tract entrance OR the back entrance from Alston into Upper Hillsborough.  Thanks go to Karen Turbeville for bringing this to SWFWMD’s attention; we rode out there yesterday, and DID find a sign posted between the 2 areas.  BUT:  it was out to the side and very small, which made it easy to miss.  So:  if you ride this trail, please watch closely for unobtrusive signs to keep you and your horse safe.


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