Protecting Your Property From Thieves

If you live in Polk County: its “Agricultural Watch Program” has been embraced by the Florida Sheriff’s Association as a model program statewide. The program was developed as a means to identify ownership of agricultural properties in Polk County, and consists of a “No Trespassing By Order of The Sheriff” sign listing the property/business owner’s name and a code number. That number provides deputies on patrol instant access to owner information and agent agreements. This program is open to qualified Agri-businesses or persons whose interest is in, and limited to, agriculture-related activities. We THINK this would apply to those with horses and small numbers of livestock as well. If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Agricultural Crimes Unit at 863-534-7205. The Agricultural Crimes Unit can be reached via email at The packet to apply for the program is posted in the “Useful Documents” portion of the Florida Sport Horse Club’s web page (

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