Why RSVP to Club Rides?

We know that sometimes people don’t know until the last minute whether they’re going to come to a particular ride.  And that “things” can suddenly get in the way:  a flat tire, dead truck, horse that suddenly refuses to load, traffic accident, etc.  BUT:  it’s really helpful to know who’s coming, and here are our reasons:

  1. Why should the trail boss show up if nobody else is coming?  It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a ride is scheduled that is too tough for anybody to attend.  The trail boss ALWAYS makes a special effort, using her (or his) time, energy and money to show up whether she really wants to or not. That’s why we say that if nobody responds by the Thursday before the ride, it will be cancelled.  It’s the only courteous thing to do for the trail boss.
  2. What if the weather turns bad or there are problems at the designated riding area? Some rides must be canceled because of weather.  Others might need to be changed because of flooded parking lots or unexpected trail closures.  If we have a list of riders, we can notify everybody quickly and easily.   
  3. HOW many people are coming?????  Trail bosses work hard to ensure safety and enjoyment of all.  Big crowds may require a second trail boss, so that the group can be broken into smaller units to accommodate rider experience and preferences. Even in smaller groups, some people may not be able to ride together easily.  By knowing who’s coming, rides can be better organized so everybody can have a good time.
  4. Does anybody know why (rider name) isn’t here yet?  If we know somebody is coming and then doesn’t appear, we tend to worry.  The RSVP can serve as a safety net, since we do check on people who are generally reliable but are “MIA” at the trail head.

So help your trail bosses out!  And if you have to change your plans at the last minute, our mobile phones make it easy to make a quick text, email or voice notification.  It’s why we distribute our membership list to all who join the club, so we can all stay in touch.

We’ll see you on the trail!

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