Do You Follow Good Trail Etiquette?

It’s a good idea to refresh our trail etiquette manners at the start of Florida’s riding season.  You can find a whole list of guidelines on the “Club Documents” page, but here are a few of the top tips:

  • Be on time.  If the ride is scheduled to start at 9am, be ready!  Don’t make other riders wait for you; it’s discourteous and frustrating to those who are ready to go.
  • Sign in at all riding areas that use that method.
  • Control your horse well.  Watch his ears and attitude for warning signs of fear or aggression toward other horses, and react (by scolding your horse, moving him away, warning other riders, etc.) BEFORE an incident whenever possible. Hold your horse to a particular track when another rider wants to pass, without allowing your animal to move from side to side on the trail. Know that you can handle your horse without assistance from others, from tacking up, mounting, and loading in your trailer.
  • Pick up or scatter manure in parking areas.
  • When riding under/around branches, pick them straight up if possible and drop them straight down.  Don’t push them ahead of you, hold on until the last possible second, and then let go just in time to hit the horse and rider behind you.

Want to see more, and know that YOU are a courteous trail rider?  Check out the entire etiquette list on the “Club Documents” page!

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