DYI: Make your horse a reflective collar

We all worry about what could happen if our horses get away from us, and the fears only increase at night.  As Hurricane Irma approached, one club member decided to make her own break-away reflective collars for her horses. She found a 2-pack of reflective vests on Amazon, and took the yellow one apart.  Using the buckles on the vest plus some Velcro, she was able to get 2 collars plus 2 knee bands (which could be used on tails) and 2 fetlock bands out of 1 vest.  She wrote each horse’s name and contact information on his collar.  During the height of the storm when she couldn’t go outside, she was able to use her tactical flashlight to actually locate her horses from her house by looking for the flash of reflective yellow.  And now–if she ever chooses to ride at night–she and her horse will be easily seen as her horse sports his new apparel and she wears the extra vest!

Safety harness into collar
2 horse collars, 2 knee bands, and 2 fetlock bands, complete with a small storage pouch.
Safety harness
Reflective vests


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