Tenoroc Trails are (mostly) open

We had a great ride today at Tenoroc, with 5 club members and 5 guests.  The south trail (on the same side of the street as the office) had part of a berm washed out–which made that section impassible–and a few trees still over the trail.  The culvert that used to be down in the ditch on the far end is completely gone–the water running through it is quite fast, and surprisingly deep. Two of our horses stumbled badly coming out of it. Thanks go to trail boss Karen who obtained permission for us to go off-trail and avoid the broken berm.   (NOTE:  PLEASE respect Tenoroc Management’s rule that people STAY on the trail unless they have specific permission–there are many holes and hazards off-trail in Tenoroc).

The north loop is in fine shape; we didn’t have time (or energy–it was still HOT) to check out the east trails, although the ditch crossing to those trails looked REALLY treacherous.  We offered to let club president Mike Charron try it for us, but he declined….and we appreciate Melody Cazort actually driving to Tenoroc Friday afternoon to get an update on the trails for us!

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2 thoughts on “Tenoroc Trails are (mostly) open

  1. Thank you to Florida Sport Horse for letting us join your ride…it was great to be back in the saddle…especially on such a beautiful day. I enjoyed riding with all of you.


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