“Our” picnic table is now at Lake Louisa!

Led by our fearless leader Mike Charron, one of our two picnic tables was delivered to Lake Louisa State Park this morning.  Park Manager Scott Spaulding, accompanied by his son Adam, was there bright and early to remove the old table from the Equestrian Day Parking area and help us set up the new table.  THANKS go first to our club members, who donated the funds; to Mike Charron, for all he does for the club; to Karen Turbeville, who coordinated the donation with the park and took the pictures; and to Scott and Adam Spaulding for being so willing to come out early on a Saturday to help with setup (and Scott, your park has the BEST signage!).  After the table was assembled, we had a great 3-hour ride–and the best view of the park–followed by lunch on the new table.  Life is GOOD!

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