Replacing My Hitch: Which One is Right?

I wasn’t aware that bumper-pull trailer hitches were rated on the amount of weight they could safely carry until I saw a torn, mangled picture of a hitch on Facebook.  The posting warned that horse owners should check their hitches, as most were only rated to 5000 to 6000 pounds.  I checked my own hitch, which–sure enough–was rated at 6000 pounds.  I only have a 2-horse trailer that generally only carries one horse, but that weight combined (plus all my equipment) comes very close to that limit.

I knew I had to get a hitch with a higher weight rating, but I didn’t realize there are all KINDS of measurements that should be taken if I was to buy the correct one.  How long a drop?  What size should the hole be?  What size hitch box did I have?  And boy oh boy, can these things get expensive….

In my search, however, I found a handy guide that I thought might be useful to others. In the meantime, bumper-pull trailer owners, go check your own hitch rating!

Trailer hitch--selecting the right ball mount-page-001.jpg

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