Make a Feed Bag Into a Hay Net

Feed bags these days can have a multitude of uses, from garbage to storage bags as well as made into floor mats, tote bags and more.  Here’s another way to use them–as hay nets!

I’ve started dabbling in camping, usually only for one or two nights.  And the hay is always an issue.  The best I’ve found up to this point in terms of cleanliness and neatness is to dump the flakes into my hay nets, and then pack the nets into the feed bags.  The hay stays clean, and so does the trailer.

Trying to stuff the filled hay net into the bag yesterday, though, I had a small epiphany:  Why not cut out the net “middleman?”  As a test, I dumped the hay straight into the feed bag, cut a small-ish hole toward the bottom, and punched a hole through the bag at the top.   I used baling twine to hang the bag on the horse’s stall, and eh voila!  A quick and easy one-use hay net.

Now, my horse isn’t a picky or neat eater.  In fact he tears into hay and feed so enthusiastically that I wasn’t sure whether the bag would survive long enough for the hay to be eaten.  But come morning the bag wasn’t even ripped.

Obviously this won’t be feasible for longer trips.  But for just a few nights when only a few flakes of hay are needed, this is my new go-to hack.

Feed bag hay net.JPG

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