The Tenoroc North Loop has changed

Plans are proceeding at Tenoroc for building a clay pigeon shooting range, which will be located just north of the office.  The location borders the equestrians’ north riding loop, and for obvious reasons we will be unable to use the old trail as it was originally laid out.  BUT–we owe much to Danon Moxley for proactively working to change the north trail so that we don’t lose the 3 miles we’ve had for so many years.  The NEW trail has already been marked and mowed, but the “entrance” and “exit” to the loop have changed (see description below the map).  Take note:  The field on the north side is NOT safe for horses–stick to the trail along the tree line!!

When you’re at Tenoroc, please convey your thanks to Mr. Moxley for his advocacy on our behalf.

New north trail 5-7-18_LI
The new trail. Take the path to the southeast off the parking area, and when you reach the “T” turn left. Cross the road and follow the signs. The new portion will link with the old trail on the north side, but divert and bring you out to Tenoroc Mine Road further west of the office. When you come to Tenoroc Mine Road, cross and turn back to the office.
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Cross Tenoroc Mine Road further east than the original trail
KODAK Digital Still Camera
The new trail was cut through heavy vine and brush–watch your footing until it’s been mowed several times
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Rock had to be dumped in some low sections–beware!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera
The trail borders the tree line on the north side.
WARNING! Do NOT ride across the open field. It is filled with holes, clay sinks and other hazards.
This will not be a good trail in hot weather.
Again, the open field is not safe to travel!


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