Special User Permits for Marshall Hampton, Gator Creek and Sumica

Polk County requires a free special use permit for riding at Marshall Hampton Reserve, Gator Creek, and Sumica.  In the past users had to renew annually, and permits were dated from the date of request.  This process is changing slightly in 2018.

For 2018:  If you currently have permits for these areas, Polk County is automatically renewing them until December 31. You should receive yours in the mail soon, if you don’t have them already.

Beginning in 2019, all permits will be renewed and valid for a calendar year of January to December (if you request a new permit in June, it will expire in December). So mark on your December calendars to call and request renewals!

For new users, just call (863) 534-7377.  Have your driver’s license and current Coggins handy so you can give the needed information to the issuing office.  Your permits will be received by mail within a few days.

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