‘Tis the Season…

horse_with_santa_hat_greeting_card-r57589fb084874030b00b8865a883353e_xvuat_8byvr_324This is a great time of year to consider our blessings–and I think horse people have more than most. Here in Central Florida, we have just about the best weather in the country for year-round riding.  We have wonderful trails, relatively close, that are low-cost or free.  Our club members provide a fabulous support system–buddies with whom to ride, vent, help, eat, play and work.  

It is also a prime season to show appreciation to those who keep us on the trails–our club officers, trail bosses, park managers, etc.  Think about people, like Karen Warren and her staff at Lower Green Swamp, who have provided easy-open gates and mounting blocks–and trim the trees around the entrance high enough that even the tallest horse and rider don’t lose a hat in the branches.  It only takes a moment to send a card or email to let these folks know that we don’t take them for granted. Won’t you consider it?

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