It’s the Season of the Caterpillar at the Marshall Hampton Tract

Break out your crops…the Acorn Loop trail this morning could have made a great science fiction movie with all the caterpillars dangling from the trees.  They caught on the horses’ faces and manes, dangled from our helmet brims and boots, and crawled on every article of clothing we had.  A couple even made it into our saddle seats, although thankfully they didn’t squish.  My horse discovered he could flip his head back and toss the caterpillars onto me as well. It was a great time to practice sudden side passes and other evasive maneuverings! Those crops could have swept at least a few of them out of our way before we hit them…

It was a fine, fine day to check out the new Panther Point trail.  Once past the bridge the trail turned mostly shaded.  We saw several alligators, but they were in the water and didn’t bother us. There was  one jogger and 3 workers with an ATV and backhoe–all considerate of the horses.  We can see where there might be more challenges when the trail is busier with hikers, dogs and bicycles, but it was just about perfect this morning. The total trail system at the Marshall Hampton now–Panther Point, Acorn Loop and lake loop–showed at 13.7 miles on my GPS this morning. Check it out yourself!

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