A Perfect Day in Florida

It was another day of which we could boast to all our northern friends, as we actually got hot toward the end of our ride at Tenoroc yesterday.  The sky was an incredible blue, and the trails were good.  That bicyclist got our hearts pumping as we all met on a corner; all horses except Susan Buchanon’s Sophie jumped and jived very emphatically.  The cyclist was VERY nice–he stopped and dismounted as soon as he saw us, and talked to the horses until we were all passed.

Top left:  Club President Mike Charron.    Top right:  Barbara Charron, Janet Schneider, Susan Buchanon, Karen Turbeville, and Mike Charron.  Middle right, front to back:  Barbara Charron, Karen Turbeville, Barbara Lassiter, Susan Buchanon, and Janet Schneider. Bottom:  Susan Buchanon and Karen Turbeville.

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