Work Day at Green Swamp West

Your help is needed!  If you can help, please contact Gene Naasko of Triple B Riders or Karen Turbeville, Florida Sport Horse Club.

Kim DeVary of SWFWMD has sent this email for a workday at Green Swamp West on Tuesday, February 21st:  

All – 
Hope this email finds everyone well.  We are reaching out to you because you have all expressed an interest in volunteering at Green Swamp West. Below is a list of things we would like to get accomplished:
1.   Mowing of trails – we will provide a tractor – we would need one person to operate it
2.   Trim limbs/trees in Ashley and Cumpressco campgrounds – we will have a pole saw and chainsaw available
3.   Trim trails where needed – we will provide a few pairs of loppers – we will need someone to drive (preferably with 4 wheel drive)
4.   Pick up trash along the roads and trails – we will need someone to drive (preferably with 4 wheel drive)
5.   Replace missing, vandalized, or burnt trail.

Just because it has been a while I am attaching a volunteer work form.swfwmd-volunteer-application Please  fill it out and return it to me, or you can give it to me the day we all get together.
We thank you all very much for offering to volunteer your time.
We look forward to hearing from you. 
Kim DeVary     
Land Use Specialist
Operations, Land and Resource Monitoring Division
Southwest Florida Water Management District
2379 Broad Street
Brooksville, Florida 34604-6899
(352) 796-7211, ext. 4458

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