FSHC members with the “Crop & Carrot” 4-H Club

100_0064.JPGThree FSHC members (Rae Gayer, Cathy Botts and Janet Schneider) were privileged to speak to the Crop & Carrot 4-H club in Bartow Monday night.  They had been invited by co-leaders Jenifer Williamson and Jennifer Burnett to talk about the joys of trail riding–which are many!  We told them a bit about the club, why we ride, how trail riding is different from arena work, how arena skills translate to the trail, and the challenges/rewards trail riding poses to the horse and rider team. We also explain how people can prepare themselves and their horses for the trails, and gave them a handout (available on our “useful documents” page) on building their own obstacle course.  We appreciate the opportunity to share our sport with others!  Thanks to Jenifer and Jennifer for their work with Polk County’s young people!

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