Polk County’s SART

I always learn something by reading the most excellent “Horse & Pony News.  The January issue has an article about a horse rescued from a pond near my home by specially trained Polk County Sheriff’s deputies and their SART (State Agricultural Response Team) Rescue Trailer. The mission of the Florida SART is to help in agricultural and animal disasters.  This can greatly aid us horse owners if, as in this most recent case, our animals become trapped–whether it be in a bog, a trailer, or in a natural disaster.  You can read more about Florida’s SART at http://flsart.org/SART/index.jsp;  the site also has an interesting PDF “Large Animal Incident Emergency Response Guide” at http://flsart.org/larp/TLAER.pdf.

If you ever need SART’s help, call your local Sheriff’s office and describe your emergency.

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