100_0023.JPGWe will be joining Triple B (thanks!!!!) for a New Year’s Eve ride at Green Swamp West this coming Saturday.  The main ride begins at 9:30am from the Ashley Campground; those of us coming in for the day will meet in the Day Parking area and be ready to ride at 9:15, to allow time to get to the campground in time.

Green Swamp West is a lovely area with a combination of sunny/shaded areas, from pine forest to swamp to oak hammock.  There are miles and miles of formal and informal trails, and we are fortunate enough to have Gene Naasko (President of Triple B) and Karen Turbeville (joint FSHC & Triple B member) to lead us safely through the maze.  I hope we’ll see you there!  Please let Janet Schneider (jm_schneider@msn.com) know if you will be meeting in the Day Parking area Saturday.

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